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The first example of the word meme (pronounced “meem” rather than “me-me”) dates back to the eighteenth century and into a book by Richard Dawkins entitled The Selfish Gene (or in the original “The Selfish Gene”). In his book, Dawkins repeatedly mentions a word that was very similar to today’s word meme – “Mineme.” The origin of the word goes back to the time of ancient Greece and in the translation into Croatian would mean “the one who imitates”. Due to the similarity to the word “gene” (or gene), this word is formatted and abbreviated to “meme”.

The reason Dawkins coined this term is that he tried to figure out if there was a unit of measurement that could determine how ideas were spread and promoted through generations of people. Therefore, to put it simply, the word “meme” denotes the idea of what a gene represents in the description of bodies and bodily characteristics. Just as human genes have adapted to the environment and the circumstances in which humans have lived, accordingly, Dawkins believed that anything subject to such change (such as memes and ideas) undergoes a similar process through natural selection.

This is where the modern word “meme” comes from. It initially signified the idea of replicating or replicating, selecting and changing ideas that go through such a sequence in a place where each idea can most easily go through each of these sequences, which is the Internet.